Does disability make you vulnerable … or wholehearted?

A lot of people talk about the vulnerability of disability and the need for “non-vulnerable” people to care for, protect and look after disabled people. In this TEDTalk, researcher/storyteller Brene Brown challenges this myth. She offers a powerful new perspective that suggests that we’re all more similar than we think.

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Here are some questions to help guide a discussion about vulnerability and disability:

  1. How does shame impact on the experience of disability?
  2. In what ways does our society communicate that the experience of disability makes people “not good enough”?
  3. In what ways are we all vulnerable, regardless of disability?
  4. How can we improve everyone’s sense of worthiness?
  5. How could society change by showing courage and compassion in order to foster more connection between people, regardless of disability?
  6. How does the experience of disability demonstrate that being vulnerable is necessary to be “whole-hearted”?
  7. How do we avoid the likelihood of disability through “numbing”?
  8. How does our discomfort around uncertainty link with our discomfort around disability?
  9. How do we blame people for their experience of disability?
  10. What impact does our obsession with “perfecting” have on our attitude towards disability?
  11. In what ways do we “pretend” that disability is something that only happens to some people, not everyone?
  12. If we were better at “letting ourselves be” and believing “we are enough”, how could attitudes and behaviours towards disability change?
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