Sad but inspiring Finnish sign language connection with NZ

Signmark is a Finnish Deaf guy who writes and performs hip-hop in sign language, voiced by another artist. One of his songs, The Letter, is dedicated to murdered NZ Deaf woman Emma Agnew.

Apparently Emma contacted and met Signmark. When he later heard of her killing in January 2009, he wrote this song.


According to his website:

Signmark was introduced to the mainstream audience and media when he was asked to join the national Eurovision Song Contest. The Finnish people gave their massive support to Signmark who came second in the contest. Due to his success, a record deal with Warner Music followed. He is the world’s first deaf ever to be signed to international major label.

A hip-hop artist Brandon who is his voice for the hearing audience supports Signmark’s albums, videos and performances. The live shows are always bilingual.

Signmark’s career as an artist started with translating Christmas carols to sign language so the whole family could sing together. He wanted to bring his hearing grand parents and deaf parents together through music. Signmark says him self about the upcoming album: ” There’s still a lot of people that need to come together like my family did.”

More from Signmark on our Videos page »


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