Typography Book Explores What It Feels Like To Have Dyslexia

A graphic designer with dyslexia has designed a book to help those who are not dyslexic understand how it feels to struggle reading.

“Being dyslexic, one thing always stood out,” Sam Barclay explains in his Kickstarter video. “The available help was always aimed at making me read better. Very little effort was made to help the people around me understand what it feels like to struggle with reading.”

“With this in mind,” explains the Huffington Post, “Barclay embarked on a typographic journey to translate the experience of dyslexia in a manner as beautiful as it was educational. The result is I Wonder What It Feels Like To Be Dyslexic, a design-led journey into the struggle of dyslexia that celebrates the spaces for alternative understanding along the way.”

Read the whole story and watch videos over on the Huffington Post »

One of the pages of Sam's book


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