Gorgeous model works runway a bit differently

In an ideal world, the people who model clothes will be relatable to us. In that case, fashion designer Carrie Hammer made her debut at New York Fashion Week by hitting it out of the park. She featured Danielle Sheypuk, who Hammer calls a role model, in her runway show.

Hopefully this is a first step to seeing models with different body types and disabilities  become common enough that the first thing we notice is what they’re wearing, not that they use a wheelchair. Isn’t that the purpose of a runway show?

Sarah Kovac noticed this great story, which appeared in the Huffington Post. Danielle Sheypuk, the model here, shared the photos. You can follow her on Twitter. Carrie Hammer is the talented fashion designer who selected Danielle for her show. You can follow her on Twitter and check out her fashion line on her website.

h/t Upworthy.



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