“Active Hands” Products Enable Accessible Gym Workout

Source: ActiveHands.com

As a competitive wheelchair racer Rob Smith spends a lot of time training in the gym. Without his gym workouts he would not be able to compete at the world-class level that he does.

Rob using Active Hands gripping product to lift weight

Rob is not only keen on getting himself fit; he is also keen to help others get into the gym. (He even succeeded in getting me into a gym once!) One of the reasons he invented Active Hands gripping aids was for training for wheelchair rugby.

Still wanting to encourage others with disabilities to get into the gym he has now created this instruction video. The video takes you step by step through various exercises designed to strengthen your upper body.

The exercises are split into four sections: free-weights, weight machines, cable and pulley machines, and TRX-system. Rob talks you through several exercises using each set of equipment.

The gym visited in the video is not a fully-accessible gym, it’s just a regular gym. Rob shows how, with only the Active Hands gripping aid range, you can perform a variety of exercises to build strength, increase stamina, improve balance and prevent injury.

Take a look at the video below to see what you could do.


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