WheelAir®, the cushion that cools all manual wheelchairs

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Image: Staels Design

The WheelAir® is the world’s first cooling wheelchair backrest cushion to cool all manual wheelchairs. It is ergonomically designed to provide more support, whilst the unique fan technology gently blows cool air onto the user’s back, instantly enhancing their comfort and taking away any excess heat and moisture.

Staels Design wants to improve accessibility and comfort for all and help every person live life on their terms. They’ve put all their resources into getting this far, now they need help to purchase their tooling and make WheelAir® a reality!


Images: Staels Design

Why it’s needed

Many wheelchair users face daily discomfort due to the inability to properly regulate their body temperature. Being too hot is exhausting. The WheelAir® can relieve this. After exercising, experiencing a hot flush or on a warm day, the WheelAir® is the most efficient and subtle means of cooling off – wherever you are!

But where did it all begin?

Corien began designing the WheelAir® two years ago after she learned that wheelchair users often have temperature regulation issues.

Those with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) are particularly affected because their body can no longer communicate with their brain to say it’s overheating and needs to start sweating. This can easily lead to heat stroke and hyperthermia. And as time went on, more and more wheelchair users resonated with the overheating issue. We now have testimonials of those with SCI, Multiple Sclerosis and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome to name a few.

Corien thought: “This is the 21st century… It’s time for a change!” And while at it, she decided that function was as important as looks. You don’t buy ugly clothes just because they are functional right? So why do so many wheelchair related products lack sleek and stylish design?

So she developed the first non-invasive solution to overheating: The WheelAir®. An award-winning patent-pending cooling wheelchair backrest cushion.

Watch their video and hear testimonials to find out how the WheelAir® is improving lives and enabling people to live life on their terms. Then back their Kickstarter campaign here.




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