Glastonbury Festival — a sign of how society is changing

This year’s Glastonbury festival is the first ever to be awarded “gold” status by campaigners who want better access for deaf and disabled people at concerts and music venues. Festival organisers said the award was a sign of how “society is changing the way it thinks and acts towards disability”.

Alex Minsky lost his right leg after his patrol vehicle hit an improvised explosive device while he was serving in Afghanistan. (Nordstrom)

Nordstrom Spotlights Models With Disabilities

To hype its trendiest looks for fall, Nordstrom is turning to models with various disabilities clad in everything from designer boots to kids’ fashions.

Four people with disabilities grace the pages of the upscale department store’s current anniversary sale catalog promoting the retailer’s biggest sale of the year.

Rising number of disabled people in NZ – survey

An ageing population has contributed to the rise in the number of disabled people in New Zealand, which last year rose to over one million – almost a quarter of the population. Statistics New Zealand today released the latest numbers for their 2013 Disability Survey. The survey showed 24 per cent of the population – or 1.1 million people – identified as disabled. This has increased from 20 per cent in 2001.

A man leaning down to speak to a woman in a wheelchair

Clever UK ad campaign nails it on “awkward disability moments”

Scope, a British group which advocates for people with disabilities, has partnered with the advertising firm Grey London and TV presenter Alex Brooker to make a clever series of ads meant to help non-disabled people avoid being awkward (and, you know, actively offensive) when interacting with people with disabilities. They also devised a quiz to test if you learned literally anything…

CBC’s The National: Return on Disability

It’s a business model that goes against an age old corporate stigma. The notion that hiring someone with a disability is more of a burden than an opportunity. That thinking has proven to be the biggest obstacle to the 800,000 disabled Canadians looking for work, but as the CBC’s Ioanna Roumeliotis found out, companies adopting…

NYC Marathon entrants in wheelchairs

On needing to run a marathon to feel fully human

From Philip Patston’s blog Last night, 3 News anchor Mike McRoberts quoted Peter Loft, the head of the Achilles Foundation, which has been sending disabled athletes to the New York marathon for 20 years: “They come here with disabilities — and they leave feeling like full human beings.” Some may find this statement inspirational. I found it…

Famous NZ TV personalities stand behind a Deaf guy, a guy in a wheelchair, a woman with Down Syndrome and a blind woman with a guide dog

Is New Zealand ready for More Diversity on Screen?

The More Diversity on Screen campaign set out to begin a new conversation with the public and media industry in New Zealand about disability and diversity on screen. The campaign was an initiative of Unique Extras, a Diversityworks Trust project that aimed to increase diversity on screen via the creation and promotion of a unique…