What’s your story

“The universe is not made of atoms. It’s made of tiny stories.”
Muriel Rukeyser: poet, philosopher 

"The universe is not made of atoms. It's made of tiny stories."

So, what’s your story? What have you done to create your success? What have you been thinking about that might change things in respect to accessibility, employment or community engagement, to name a few.

While we know things can be frustrating, we’d like to create a forum for constructive, innovative discussion here. So, share with us your most creative ideas and enlightening experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “What’s your story

  1. A reader shared:

    The Effects of Yoga in Peoples with Disability

    Have you ever wondered what yoga is? Is yoga just an exercise? Is yoga just for enabled people?
    Yoga is a science.
    Yoga is a spiritual practice which includes breath control, simple meditation, the movement of physical postures, and is extensively practiced for better health and inner peace. Yoga can increase suppleness as well as increasethe quality and strength of the muscles.
    Yoga reminds us how to love, how to be powerful, how to manage stress, and how to behave mindfully.

    What is stress? How do we manage stress? Can yoga reduce anxiety?
    Stress is your body’s way of reacting to any kind of dis-order. When you feel stressed by something going on around you, your body reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood.
    Scientists have found that stress can cause most sicknesses and even forms of cancer.
    Stress can increase damage in the body, especially in peoples with disability. When you feel stress, you are out of your mind, you feel pain in all your body. Feeling stressed can push you away from those you love and it can deplete your energy.
    Each posture of yoga can treat and/or help with pain.

    Yoga can help you to become more relaxed by slowing down your breath and helping you focus more on the present moment. Yoga has also been shown to reduce depression.
    I have found that my yoga practice has helped me become more independent and moreat peace. When I do yoga, I see how my body has the strength to do anything and my muscles can move more comfortably.Ihave learned to be more patient and I have learned how to manage my stress more effectively.
    I am using more positive words, and as recent researchers and scientists have stated, thevibrationof positive words can give and receive energy.
    Negative words like “not”, “don’t”,” cannot “, etc., are attached to negative vibrations which can createinner stress. When someone does not believe they can do something then the brain cannot encourage the body to something either.

    I believe that yoga postures can make the body stable, young and flexible.
    In the recently years, yoga and meditation has become more accepted by many because the practice can bring inner peace, happiness, strength and joy.

  2. A reader shared:

    In recent years, the level of physical disability in America reached 19.4%. This means that the increase of the number of disabled people is added and if these people are not deprived of their social rights, it should be possible for them to increase prosperity and progress. Fortunately, Canada is well established in rights of disabled citizens and people with disabilities to access more features after years of struggle and finally today, streets, public buildings, universities, schools, libraries, banks, etc has . We were able to work in different social, political, artistic and literary places. Today we are not imprisoned in closed environment and growth opportunities are now available to us. we want people to feel safe about our physical and emotional character. However, I must confess that for equality with non-disabled person, we must sometimes work 10 times more, 10 times the energy we spend, 10 times the determination and the courage to spend. 

    Disability does not mean that we cannot do anything, but it means we have high standards of limits in doing things. Fortunately, we live in a world where technology and media facilitate and improve life and human communication. This means not only independence and progress has increased, but also the opportunities have increased. The opportunity to some of the world’s disabled people is not only to inspire others, but demonstrates our talents and powers in life. one more thing to point out:

    Stephen Hawking, the world’s leading professors and scientists, One that all parts of his body is paralyzed and uses only his brain or Jessica Cox, an armless pilot girl who does her work as stable as a non disabled person.



    This issue can lead people to understand that our ability to progress and be successful in all the paths lead us to where we can be able to use all our abilities, only with an extra effort.

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